Infinite Justice

Franz Schandl

The dirtiest plans cry for the most fantastic vocabulary. Nothing is as fantastic as rage. At present, rage is like a planetary infection. Infinite justice only means everyone is equal in death. Spreading that is now important. „Justice will be done“, Bush says and commends his values that have to be ours as the sharp sword. Where prayer begins, thinking ends when faith is in money.

Where such „ideas“ are brought into play, thinking dies. Emotional resentment dominates. The good fights against the evil as in one of those fairy-tales made in Hollywood. What is terrible is not that people tell a pack of lies. What is dreadful is that they believe in the justice drivel. Fervently they cry: Give war a chance!

One should be thankful to the US administration that they so shamelessly reveal their plans even if they cannot foresee the consequences. The fact remains that the thickest trail of blood extracted since the summer of 1945 is that of the United States of America. This is not the result of a special American malevolence but the manifestation of the strongest capitalist system.

What is on the horizon is the end of law, not the enforcement of justice. The first terrorists demonstrated this; the second terrorists imitated the first. Who is better is a question of tastelessness. Infinite justice means that whoever does not believe must believe. Americans and the Taliban agree: „Down with the unbelievers! “ The whole world imagines that it must take sides instead of strictly refusing this front.

Who can end the murder would be interesting, not who started it. The latter is a limited question that always finds a justification: „If you hadn’t done this, we wouldn’t have done that… “ Whoever weighs dead against dead produces the dead again and again. This logic must be broken. Whether this can happen is doubtful. All experience speaks against this; all necessity speaks for it. Now the warriors of God arm on all sides. The resistance is trifling. In the holy war, nothing is sacred any more. Everything may become the goal of death since death is the goal. The only thing that people can be infinitely is dead. What is queued up is the generalization of the death mania, blow after blow, attack after attack.


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