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    There is nothing new in consecrated terms being used in an entirely novel sense without announcing the change, and thereby misleading readers. It happens every day. It is no surprise if, being unable to explain a new phenomenon, people give it a resounding name instead of a theory or at least a description.

    “ The Hungarian referendum is invalid, only about 40 percent has bothered to vote. The prime minister seems to have gone stark raving mad as he is announcing victory. ‘Opposition’ leaders who did nothing and ‘public intellectuals’ who not even dared whisper a critical word during these awful months

    The ‘changes’ in Eastern Europe took place on the 200th anniversary of the French revolution. It seemed to many that it might be a second coming: a new revolution about, and for, human rights.

    At the bicentennial, the consecrated and anointed masterpiece of popular historiography described the French – and implicitly, the recent East European – revolution thus:
    „The author did not want ‘…to imply… that nothing of consequence changed changed as a direct result of the first phase of the French Revolution. The liberties enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man for the protection of free speech, publication and assembly had brought forth a political culture in which the liberation of disrespect literally knew no bounds

    Sichtweisen, Erfahrungen und Perspektiven

    von Andreas Exner Kurzfassung English Langfassung

    As a former dissident and as an opposition politician and theorist around 1989, I am of course frequently asked to draw a balance sheet of the great changes in Eastern Europe. There is a huge temptation to contradict myself so as not to get bored to death by my own responses, but I think I should resist it.

    "One is reminded of the beautiful summer days of 1944, when tens of thousands of Jews were forcibly marched to their deaths through the streets of Budapest." Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and Czech. by G. M. Tamás I am not qualified to write about the crisis which sends Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Eritreans and others to Europe. I know only what I read in the newspapers and in a few specialist boo...

    A Pamphlet For Good Living!

    Politics cannot create alternatives. It does not exist to expand our potential or our abilities. Rather, in politics we only pursue the interests of the roles that we play in the existing order. Politics is an attitude and an act that always relates to the state and the market. It moderates society and its medium is money.

    The editorial board of Mediations is pleased to announce the publication of our latest dossier, Marxism and the Critique of Value. This double issue is being published simultaneously as a book, which can be downloaded as a free PDF from M-C-M′ , and which is also available in paperback.

    The IMF, together with European institutions, is setting Ukraine’s future reform and economic policy

    If we take International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials at their word, Ukrainian citizens will have to start drilling new holes in their belts so they can buckle them even tighter than they would otherwise have needed to.

    The question remains: Inevitable for what and for whom?

    Hundreds of refugees died on only one day in October 2013 on their way from the Libyan coastal town Misrata to the island of Lampedusa,

    – because the European Union (spearheaded by Germany) is successfully ruining the African and Arabic economies with their globally superior companies and subsidised goods, and is as a consequence destroying the livelihood of the local people,
    – because the food produce, the fishing grounds and the resources of raw materials of these countries are exclusively exploited by western capital, which for their purposes require only few local workmen,